So. You know people who still don't believe the UN wants to establish a one-world government? Ask them to read this and suggest they rethink their position.

"The power to tax is the power to destroy."

This editorialized article is a condensation and revision of an article by Cliff Kincaid at, where the interested reader may get more of the same in greater detail:

    World-Wide Taxes come one step closer

    The second Earth Summit, known as the "World Summit on Sustainable Development," is being held August 26-September 4 in South Africa.

    U.N. advocacy of global taxes violates U.S. Public Law 106-113, which includes U.N. reform legislation passed in the 106th Congress.

    The U.N. Development Program (UNDP), under the direction of Dr. Inge Kaul, has produced an official UNDP report, "Global Public Goods Financing: New Tools for New Challenges," which includes a Harvard professor's call for an international tax to finance U.N. environmental programs, "peacekeeping" operations, and to "provide transfers to poor countries" from the U.S. The same report includes another article calling for the creation of "international tax systems" with an "international authority" that amounts to a global IRS.

    Equally alarming, Cliff Kincaid obtained an official document from the U.N. Division for Sustainable Development, "Finance for Sustainable Development: The Road Ahead," which calmly discussed a "form of international taxation" consisting of "a tax imposed by a sovereign international government under sovereignty surrendered or relinquished to it by national governments."

    The document goes on to say that a "world government" might co-exist alongside national governments and be able to tax their citizens on its own.

    This constitutes an overt act of attempting to suborn the sovereignty of national governments. If it can be done without firing a shot, then war was never easier. Conquest with a pen sure beats the bloody mess of old fashioned wars.

    Any attempt by an individual citizen of any nation to place their country under such a scheme of international taxation constitutes treason and sedition, and should be prosecuted by those public servants who have taken an oath to support their own national constitution to the fullest extent of the Law.

    Unless there is a "hue and cry" on this subject, our national leaders will not do a thing, because they are concerned with two things only: getting elected and getting re-elected. As socialist Senator Phil Gramm once said, "I will see the light only after I feel the heat."

    One way to generate heat, where you can regulate it, is in your community. We invite you to consider either joining an existing "UN-free Zone Committee," or organizing one in your county. (click here to find out how)

    As counties and towns pass UN-free Zone ordinances and resolutions, heat is generated to the State and Congressional levels. Congressmen suddenly become reluctant to condemn what The People are passing back home in legal ordinances, not because they understand principles, but because they understand voting blocs.

    Brought to you by the National Action Forum, Daniel New Project Manager