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Re-Elect Nobody


We are happy to make available your very own UN-flag. Size of this flag 3'x5'. The flag is made out of high quality polyester. It is our experience that they are excellent as targets, guaranteed to take over 100 rounds of any caliber (except .50 or shotguns or howitzers), excellent for burning, mediocre as a doormat, but outstanding as an object lesson for children and liberals who just don't get it. (We do NOT encourage you to fly this outside your house -- there may be patriotic Americans who drive by and consider it a target of opportunity. Imagine the consequences!)
$15.00 ppd
If you want it overnight UPS, please add $10 per order, regardless of quantity. $10.00
(Inquire for discount for quantities over 20 flags.)

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United Nations Free Zone Sign

Declare your home, property and community UN-free with your own UN-free Zone signs.
Each sign is 18" x 24" and are silk screened on corrugated chloroplast plastic.
$10.00 + PH

Micheal New - Mercenary...or American Soldier
                              By Daniel D. New, with Cliff Kincaid

The family perspective on what happened when Michael New refused to wear an unauthorized United Nations uniform, and what it means for America, if our soldiers can be forced to serve under the United Nations against their will.

True story of an American soldier who was court-martialed for refusing to: wear the United Nations blue beret, to deploy on an illegal deployment; to serve under an illegal chain of command. Army Specialist Michael New is guilty - of loving his country. For that, he became the first American ever tried and convicted of wanting to serve his country in its own uniform! This book addresses as-yet unresolved issues between the USA/UN, and the Executive/Legislative relationship of the US government, according to one Federal District Judge. Must reading for the veteran, for active-duty military personnel, for those considering enlistment.
$5.00 + PH

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The Hijacking of American Foreign Policy
                              By Cliff Kincaid

In a new and timely book, veteran journalist Cliff Kincaid documents a crucial fact of international life that many have only lately come to realize - that the U.N. is an organization that makes international problems worse, not better, and that it has worked to inhibit the ability of the United States to defend itself. In the book, "The Hijacking of American Foreign Policy," Kincaid documents how the U.N. has functioned as a front for radical Arab and Muslim regimes, including Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Kincaid serves as President of America's Survival, Inc., a public policy organization, and contributes to the media watchdog group, Accuracy in Media.
$5.00 + PH

The Story of Army Spc. Michael New
                                                  by Hal Jones

Comic book format, for young people considering enlisting, for anyone already in the US Armed Forces, and for veterans. With 64 pages of full color, on glossy paper, this unique book is a work of art, with every frame drawn and painted in water colors. It is a wealth of information about the implications of the oath of allegiance every soldier -- and every politician -- must take.
$15.00 ppd

    Good Conduct
The Story of Michael New

What prompted Michael New to take on the United States Army, the Department of Defense, and the President of the United States? Spin artists of the New World Order have attempted to paint this model soldier and unobtrusive young man as a troublemaker, a rebel, and an extremist. Wherein lies the truth? With an honest examination of the facts, the video Good Conduct reveals a starling and definitive conclusion: that Michael New is hindering the advancement of a global agenda. This is the story they don't want you to hear.

Now you can have Michael New in your own living room, discussing what actually happened, and why he refused to wear a United Nations uniform. this documentary is helping shape the way Americans think about national sovereignty.

$10.00 + PH

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