Why vote for a UN-free Zone?

Because it’s a Very American Thing to Do!

To begin, every voter has to ask themselves why voting is such a big deal in the first place. Why do we bother? If it’s no big deal, you ignore the elections and focus on football or hunting or projects around the house.

But to a few of us, voting represents our exercise of Liberty. WE are the rulers in this country, not the elected public servants we choose to pass laws and rules and regulations. They work for us! Sometimes, we need to remind them of that. Like, maybe, every time they turn around.

The vast majority of citizens in this country are opposed to allowing the United Nations any control over our national destiny, not to mention the way we govern ourselves at the State and Local levels. That is fundamental, unless you are in that tiny minority who actually thinks a One World Government is the answer.

Here’s the rub. The United Nations, through this treaty and that protocol, and this world conference, and that multinational agreement, has every intention of affecting your job, your consumer habits, your private property, your right to spank your child, your paycheck, your ethnic joke, your school’s curriculum, etc., down to the smallest detail.

They have either achieved, or set into motion a Constitution (Charter), a Legislature, a Head of State, an International Judicial System, a system of World Taxation, World Army. It that’s not a government, what do you call it? And once we accept the premise that they have authority over us, then by default we have surrendered our sovereignty.

There is so much documented information out there to this effect that you could fill a library with it – the goal of the United Nations is a one world government, in which the United States is simply one member state, with one vote, but with a price tag to pay “our fair share” at imposing this New World Order.

If you know anything about your American history, you know that it has been the privilege and the duty of The People, locally, to express to their elected representatives at each higher level in the governmental structure how they feel, what they want, and what they don’t want.

If this were a democracy, we would vote on each issue as a nation, and 50% plus one vote would rule on every question. This is not a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic, at least in theory. But when The People quit exercising their responsibility to direct their Servants in Washington, what happens? The Servants become the Masters. (I think you’ll find something in the Bible about what a sorry state of affairs that brings.)

Example 1: In the middle 1700’s, Committees of Correspondence and local legislatures petitioned the Crown both individually and corporately for relief from English violations of their Charter Rights. You know what happened next. It was a very American thing to do. (Imagine, having the right to state your opinions! The very idea.)

Example 2: The cities of Santa Cruz and Berkeley, California, passed local ordinances back in the Sixties to ban nuclear power. The courts ruled repeatedly that they were well within their rights to do so. Look at the power shortage in California today and ask yourself if they had an effect on the larger scheme of things. (Of course, being Californians, they screwed it up, but that’s not the point. It was a very American thing to do.)

Example 3: Over 200 cities and counties around the USA have rejected President Bush’s “Patriot Act” and declared it null and void. Do you think they can prevail over a national law? It is obviously a political statement, and in doing that, they are shaping the debate on whether that national policy can withstand both constitutional legal challenges and the backlash of public opinion. This is a very American thing to do, whether you agree with that position or not.

Example 4: The Voters of LaVerkin are going to cast their votes on November 4 on this very question. Like the citizens of Grant County, Oregon, and Bingham, New Mexico, they are going to simply tell their State and National representatives that we want to extract ourselves from this mess now, rather than continuing toward a one world government.

If they approve the pending ordinance, LaVerkin will have continued to shape the debate for a sovereign nation. They will encourage others to follow suit. And they will put the fear of the Constitution in the hearts of Congressmen who care more about getting re-elected than they do in protecting our national sovereignty.

A lot of Americans are looking to LaVerkin for some leadership here, and it will affect the national and international debate for a decade or more.

This is a chance to do a VERY AMERICAN THING!
(C) Daniel D. New,   Permission to copy, with credits, is hereby granted.